Whiteboard Learning Class Series for 2020

Are you looking to grow your business? Do you find that referrals bring you your best clients? Do you have a plan for how to get more of those referrals?  Do you find that your networking efforts aren’t paying off?  At White Board Learning, we believe the answer to growing your business by referral is through a well-developed strategic plan, utilizing the current relationships you already have, and then learning to fill the gaps with a well thought out networking plan to develop the new relationships that will benefit you and your business.

Why Referrals?

92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know – Nielsen

Word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20% to 50% of all purchasing decisions. – McKinsey

The lifetime value of a new referral customer is 16% higher than your average customer. – Wharton School of Business

Heinz Marketing conducted an in-depth survey of 600 companies. Here’s what they found about how the businesses look at referrals – 84% of B2B decision makers start the buying process with a referral.

80% of all B2C and B2B purchases involved some form of WOM recommendation during the purchase cycle. – Forrester

With the right tools, you can create and implement a structured process for receiving a constant and consistent flow of valuable, referrals that will translate into more closed business.

Are You Making It Difficult For People To Give You Referrals?

Class 1 – My Perfect Referral Is…… - 9/17

Can you define what your next great client/customer looks like? Can you describe them to someone else without using Anybody or Everybody? Are you tired of chasing leads? In this class we will work to define who the perfect referral for you is.

Class 2 – Do You Provide Features or Benefits? - 9/24

So many people sell the features of their product or service, but forget to talk about the benefit. From your neighbor next door, to the CEO of the largest company, people buy for the benefit not the features. In this class we will learn how to identify your benefits, so that you can convey them to the people who want to help you get referrals.

Class 3 – How Will I Recognize A Good Referral For You? – 10/1

I know who you are looking for and the benefit you provide, but how will I recognize a good referral for you. What will they be saying, doing or what will I see? Once I identify a potential referral for you what will I say next? In this class we will work on creating identifiers that will help people recognize a good referral for you, the conversation you can teach them, and how to take that prospect to the next step for you.

Class 4 - How Can I Help You? – 10/8

When someone asks you how they can help you what do you say? A referral is one of the best ways that someone can help you, but how else can they help you. If they don’t have an immediate idea of a referral for you, what are other ways that they can help and support you? If someone offers to help you, you need to have an answer. In this class you will learn to identify many ways for your current relationships to help besides giving you a referral.

Activating Your Referral Relationships

Class 1 – Going Deeper Leads To More Money – 10/15

Many of us have lots of “connections,” but how strong are those relationships? People only give referrals to people they know, like and trust? How many of your relationships truly trust you enough to refer their best client or their Mom to you. In this class we will identify the 3 levels of relationships, and focus on a process to help you identify the relationships you should be focusing on.

Class 2 – You Might Already Know All of The People You Need To Know To Make Lots of Money – 10/22

It seems everyone is on LinkedIn these days. How many connections do you have? How are you leveraging those connections?  Stop looking at other people’s LinkedIn Connections and start focusing on your own. In this class you will learn some tips for your own LinkedIn profile, as well as how to dig into your connections and inspire them to send you referrals.

Class 3 – I Know I Need To Stay In Touch With Them, But I Don’t Want To Bother Them – 10/29

You can only maintain a finite number of relationships, and quality relationships require investment. Most of us are overwhelmed with new relationships preventing the quality relationships that will generate the most business. In this class you will learn how to apply relationship management techniques through a simple 20-20-20 process which will allow you to find the right balance between being a pest and falling of the radar, and allow you to maximize the number of relationships you can manage.

Class 4 – Why Can’t Everyone Be Like Me – 11/5

You know yourself, but do you understand how other people communicate and behave? Have you ever read a person or a meeting completely wrong? Do you struggle to understand what takes people so long to make a decision, or why they make decisions so quickly? Why do some people love to be out in the world, and others would rather sit at their desk and manage spreadsheets? In this class we will use the DISC behavioral style tool to learn how to recognize others’ behavioral styles, so you can more effectively communicate and strengthen your relationships.

Filling Your Referral Relationship Gaps

Class 1 – Creating Introductions That Work – 11/12

Do you introduce yourself by profession? I’m a Realtor, I’m an Attorney, I’m in Insurance. How’s that working for you? When you introduce yourself by profession people automatically stop listening because they already know what that profession does. In this class we will learn how to create interesting and engaging introduction statements, so that people will actually be interested in the next thing you say.

Class 2 – Creating Introductions That Work – Part II – 11/19

Now you have a great introduction and their listening, but what’s next? It’s not enough to get their attention if you can’t hold their attention and move them to some form of action. In this class we will complete the process of creating what comes next after your introduction statement so that people will become motivated and engaged to help you.

Class 3 – The Art of Networking – 11/26

Where should I be networking? How often should I be networking? What should I do once I get there? You can spend many hours and lots of money networking. Networking is a learned skill. In this class you will get the tools that you need to go out and conquer the world of Networking!

Class 4 – Are All Of Your Lunch and Coffee Meetings Paying Off – 12/3

What are you really getting out of those coffee and lunch meetings? You know you need to do them, but are any of them paying off in referrals for you. Do you just show up at lunch and coffee meetings and wing it? What should you do after the meeting? In this class you will learn how to determine if you should have that meeting, prepare for the meeting and follow up after the meeting so all of that time begins to pay off in referrals for you.


How Long Are The Classes?

All classes will run from 11:30-1:00.

Where are The Classes Located?

All classes will be located at 6535 E. 82nd St., #204.

Will Food Be Served ?

No, but feel free to bring your lunch and/or something to eat.

What is the Cost of The Classes?

Below is a breakdown of the cost of the classes.

  • Each 4 Part Class is $149 (less than $38 per class)
  • For BNI Members and their Referrals each Class is $129 (less than $32 per series)
Is There A Price Break If I Register For the Whole 3 Part Series Up Front?

Yes.  Here is the breakdown of the Price Break:

  • The Whole 3 Part Series – made up of all 3 of the 4 module classes – $395 (a $52 savings)
  • For BNI Members and their Referrals – The Whole 3 Part Series – made up of all 3 of the 4 module classes – $325 (a $62 savings)