The Impact of Referred Customers:

4x more likely

to bring new customers
to you

bring you a 25% higher

profit margin

18% more loyal

than average customers

9 out of 10 business owners

say customer learned about them by word-of-mouth

White Board Learning

Why Referral Marketing?

Many business owners have a system in place for client referrals, but few have a system for obtaining referrals from other business professionals. Referral marketing is about having a business strategy to attract new clients through a process of relationship-building. Business professionals spend and waste time, money and energy going from one networking event to another, when the key to building your business relies in a simple place: deepening the relationships you already have. Think about it: If you’re not asking your relationships for referrals, someone else is.

Wondering how to turn relationships into revenue?

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What people are saying about White Board Learning:

"A gifted business leader and trainer, Denise Praul is one of those singular people whose skills and intellect have a powerful impact on those with whom she engages."
Sarah PhillipsCommercial Office Environments
"If you are looking for a way to take your business referral relationships to the next level, start by registering for all of the White Board Learning workshops."
Bridget GurtowskyGraphic Designer
"White Board Learning has a simplicity about it that makes a person's understanding of marketing rise and rise with each class exponentially."
Mark FriedmanOperations Manager
" After attending just a couple of classes, we have been able to focus our network marketing efforts into our most profitable area."
Terri MillerPhotographer
"The classes are interactive, positive and have more than met my expectations."
Steve EllsonBusiness Development