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The Roadmap to Unlimited Referrals

The Roadmap to Unlimited Referrals is a 12-week class outlined in 12 different modules.

The first four classes will help you figure out Are You Making It Difficult For People To Give You Referrals?

Class 1 – My Perfect Referral Is……

Class 2 – Do You Provide Features or Benefits?

Class 3 – How Will I Recognize A Good Referral For You?

Class 4 – How Can I Help You?

The next four classes aim to help you Activate Your Referral Relationships.

Class 1 – Going Deeper Leads To More Money

Class 2 – You Might Already Know All of The People You Need To Know To Make Lots of Money

Class 3 – I Know I Need To Stay In Touch With Them, But I Don’t Want To Bother Them

Class 4 – Why Can’t Everyone Be Like Me

The final four classes help you Fill Your Referral Relationship Gaps

Class 1 – Creating Introductions That Work

Class 2 – Creating Introductions That Work – Part II

Class 3 – The Art of Networking

Class 4 – Are All Of Your Lunch and Coffee Meetings Paying Off

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