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“We help businesses stop hunting for clients so they can spend more time helping their clients.”    – Denise Praul

About us

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Many business owners have a system in place for client referrals, but few have a system for obtaining referrals from other business professionals.  Referral marketing is about having a business strategy to attract new clients through a process of relationship-building.  Business professionals spend and waste time, money and energy going from one networking event to another, whine the key to building your business lies in a simple place: deepening the relationships you already have.  Think about it: If you’re not asking your relationships for referrals, someone else is.

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The system we teach you works in almost every line of business.

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Referrals bring in a 25% higher profit margin than clients you have groomed for years.
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Denise Praul

Denise Praul is a Referral Marketing Strategist and the founder of Whiteboard Learning. She is committed to sharing practical real-world information to help business professionals create referral marketing strategies to help business owners stop wondering and worrying about where their next referral is coming from.  

She put her referral knowledge to the test in her own property tax consulting business and grew it to a multiple 6 figure business with no additional investment of money or time. Using that experience and knowledge she developed a duplicatable system to help other businesses have the same success.

Denise has created a system called Roadmap to Unlimited Referrals that she now trains and shares with other business people to help them significantly grow and scale their own businesses.